Welcome, to my humble little corner of the internet.

I often find myself staring at people on the Tube, or over my Pret sandwiches during break, making up stories in my head about who they are, what they do, and why they went for the egg and mayo sandwich when anything would be better than that beige coloured lunch of sadness.

I am a pathological liar‚Ķ But in a good way… And mostly in my head. I make up stories and outlandish excuses for everything, before politely telling the truth when confronted with the real-life situation.

And so, instead of letting those stories and thoughts gather dust in my peroxide soaked head, I thought I would share them here, in my little corner. So, thanks for joining me in this digital den filled with pillows, fairy lights and endless cups of tea to read my musings and ramblings.


I am currently in my final year of a drama and theatre degree in London, but am originally from Australia, where I lived for the first 18 years of my life.